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Lewis Notaire Inc. - Interview

By Lewis Notaire Inc.

Lewis Notaire Inc. - Interview

10/11/2016 When you make important decisions

All your life, you are called upon to make important decisions of a legal nature: marriage, divorce, the financing and purchase of a property, the creation of a business, the preparation of a will, etc. Faced with a multitude of laws and their ever-increasing complexity, it is impossible for you to evaluate the legal consequences of such decisions. Because of his legal training, the notary can help you make good choices.
Cylex 1. What services does Lewis Notaire inc. provide mostly?
Lewis Notaire Inc.: We offer general notarial services in the field of personal rights, including preparing power of attorney's, protective mandates, simple wills and trust wills. We also undertake the court procedures to probate the wills that are not notarized or wills prepared in another province other than Quebec. Finally, we are accredited to probate protective mandates should a loved one becomes incapacitated. We also specialize in the field of weddings. Specifically, we officiate civil marriages and civil unions. We can even prepare notarized marriage contracts should the couple so request. We can even handle the paperwork and red-tape associated with having your foreign destination wedding officially recognised under our local jurisdiction. In addition, we help liquidators and heirs resolve estates and successions. From reading the last will & testament to the family, to preparing the inventory, to transferring real estate to the heirs or preparing the rendering of account for the liquidator, we assist the parties in all succession matters. Finally, our company specialises in real estate transactions that includes the purchase of your home, mortgages, refinancing, transfers and co-ownership agreements.

Cylex 2. What is your experience as a notary and what do you like about this job?
Lewis Notaire Inc.: I've been practicing as a notary for the last 10 years. What I love about being a notary is the intimacy I share with my clients and the privilege that I have to accompany them through the important moments in their lives: the purchase of their home, their wedding, the estate planning when there's a new addition to the family and finally the resolving of the succession when there's the passing of a loved one.
Cylex 3. Why did you choose to become a notary and not a lawyer or a prosecutor for example?
Lewis Notaire Inc.: Because I do not like any form of litigation. I much prefer to be involved in preventive law. The costs are lower and the drama is minimized.
Cylex 4. How much do you charge for your services? Do you offer free consultation?
Lewis Notaire Inc.: On average, we charge an hourly rate depending on the needs of our clients. When we meet with our clients, we go over a service contract with them in order to determine the scope and limitations of our mandate or alternatively, the flat rate and disbursements relevant to the file.
Cylex 5. What are the most common situations that you encounter at your office?
Lewis Notaire Inc.: It often depends on the time of the year. During the summer months, we do quite a few weddings and real estate transactions. In the beginning of the year, there are a lot of estate files. For wills, protective mandates and power of attorney's, there's a steady flow 12 months a year.

Cylex 6. What would you like to tell people about your job? (something that they might not know of)
Lewis Notaire Inc.: Notaries can help you protect your patrimony...We're very fortunate to live in a jurisdiction where we can decide who will inherit our assets, in what proportion and when and who will be the liquidator responsible for liquidating the estate and who will be the tutor for our minor children if both parents have died... Being married does not automatically mean that your spouse will inherit everything. Common law spouses are especially vulnerable in the eyes of the law when it comes to estates. A notarized will would definitely help make sure that your loved ones are protected. As for doing a protective mandate, again, our legislature empowers us to decide who will take care of our assets and our personal being, if we become incapable of doing so. Your adult children are not automatically named the mandataries who will take care of you if you have Alzheimer's for example if you don't have such a document where you expressly name your children as such... Seeing your notary will not only help to protect your patrimony, but also, your loved ones and yourself when you are most vulnerable.
For more information or if you are looking for a good notary now, Lewis Notaire Inc. will make sure all that is required is done properly.

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Lewis Notaire Inc.

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