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So you want to be a security guard? You are looking to get into security work? If your answer is yes and you’re wondering how to get started then we are here to help you.
First things first, are you eligible to take a security guard course?
There are three things you need to be to be able to take a training course. You must be over the age of eighteen, have a clean criminal background, and can work in Canada.
Now if you have these three things then it’s time to pick a course provider.
If you are located in Ontario, Canada we recommend using Ontario Security Hub. They offer both online, standard security guard courses and an in-person CPR and Security Guard licensing course. It's important to note that to attain a security license in Ontario, you must also complete a first aid course as well.
What will you learn?
In Training courses you cover the following topics:
  • Licensing Process
  • Writing Security Reports
  • Legislation
  • Health and Safety
  • Communication
  • Procedures
  • Emergency Response Preparation
  • Sensitivity Training
  • Canadian Legal System
  • Use of Force
Ontario Security Hub offers many features to help with completing your training. Not only is it entirely self-paced (meaning you can work as fast or as slow as you need without penalties), signing up with them also gives you access to more than eighty video lessons and three hundred practice quizzes.
As well, signing up with this online course provider gives you direct access to instructors via email or live chat so if you have questions or need guidance they are available to you.
The cost
The cost to take these courses varies depending on the provider.
Ontario Security Hub offers two training programs:
Security Guard Course (Online): Cost: $119 CAD + HST. If you already have Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, or Basic Life Support and it is valid you do not need to complete it again and can select the course without first aid.
Security Guard Course and First Aid (In-person): Cost: $199 + HST Locations: Windsor, Sault Ste. Marie, Ottawa, Hamilton, Belleville, Kingston, and the GTA.
Difficulty Level
It entirely depends on you. If you are good at applying yourself and handling your time, it will be much easier. If these are things you struggle with it will be a bit more difficult but you have access to a large network of support to help. This is a great opportunity for continuing education students or job seekers.
If you are interested in learning more about this topic or signing up with Ontario Security Hub, check out the link below.
BaigSecurity - Training

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