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Apple stock to buy or not to buy-current

By EverFX - regulated multi-instrument broker

05/28/2020 Today I'm going to tackle the juggernaut we call Apple. Arguably, Apple is the Justin Timberlake of tech companies. An extremely popular cultural icon. A status symbol. A creator of sleek, sexy, luxurious products. A superstar with a devout fan base that would shame a major religion's deity. A top leader in the world of tech and business. There's probably nothing I could tell you about Apple that you don't already know, right? Can't hurt to try.
What makes Apple - Apple.Apple was founded in the 1970s, back when tech companies and products had "personality." They weren't just a list of products with specs and price tags; they were a world that created an emotional connection to their audience. The way they created this connection is by featuring some of the company's staffers' personalities and quirks. It was a little like reading the gossip column in the paper.
That special connection is one of the reasons Apple has had such fantastic success over the years. It built itself a core fanbase, which stuck with it not only for the innovation and the progress of its products - but also for the history it offered.
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EverFX - regulated multi-instrument broker

EverFX - regulated multi-instrument broker

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