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Use Tablet Kiosks to Enhance Your Business and Gain its Benefits

By Shopguard Systems

Use Tablet Kiosks to Enhance Your Business and Gain its Benefits

08/30/2017 Smartphones may have replaced tablets as the device of choice for individuals but tablets still reign supreme in some areas. Establishments like retail stores, libraries, museums, information booths, hotels, restaurants, banks and exhibitions still make use of tablets because of its functionality and size. It can carry out a lot of functions that a PC can and do it better with built in wi-fi and a touch screen interface. The only thing is, the tablet needs to be suitably enclosed in a kiosk for ease of use and also from the security perspective. There are different types of enclosures to secure the tablet and different ways to use tablets in kiosks.
Malls and retail spaces
Tablets can replace a computer in Point of Sale situations and such tablets can be enclosed with safety in a free floor standing tablet kiosk like the one available at More importantly, one can spread these tablets around the entrances and shop floors to entice visitors to explore various options, display offers through kiosk software and capture customer data. If there is a long queue at checkout it should be possible for customers to buy and make payment using the floor mounted kiosks. The kiosk could incorporate a navigation map and display special offers or launch promotional campaigns. The tablet can also be affixed to the wall using the SG secure wall mount enclosure and flash messages or play videos, display weather and news or direct visitors. A customer who walks in can make use of the tablet to find out all the products available in a store and prices and is thus better informed to make a buy.
Doctors, hotels, restaurants, travel sector
These sectors of business can benefit vastly by investing in tablets with or without custom kiosk software. A couple of tablets suitably enclosed in desktop tablet stands or floor stands or wall stands can keep waiting people occupied and engaged and the tablet can also be a source of information or even allow interactivity. For instance, anyone walking into a travel agency can make use of a tablet in a wall mount or a floor mount to find information about flights, hotels and travel routes, fares and so on and even book. Restaurant owners can leverage the power of tablets to display menus and offers for customers who walk in. Tablets deliver a better user experience and serve to enhance reputation of these establishments.
Museums, libraries, information kiosks
The compact tablet has virtually replaced laptops and PCs in museums, libraries and information kiosks. Wall mounted tablets fitted in secure wall mounts, floor standing kiosks for tablets or Gripzo enclosed tablets on desktops can help visitors find information they want while keeping the tablet fully secure against any attempts at theft.
Employee management
Tablets secured in SG secure wall mounts are proving their versatility in workspaces. The device can be used as an access system to specific areas for employees, track schedules, clock them in and out and also serve as information points or for access to safety data sheets.

It is possible to use tablets with imagination and creativity to enhance business, add value to the establishment and deliver better customer experience while keeping all such devices fully secured in a variety of stands and enclosures from

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