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Pro Lash Tip #1

By Sislash & Brow | Eyelash Extensions Toronto

Pro Lash Tip #1


Okay guys, I absolutely love this question.
Bottom Line, No, not at all!

This is one of the most popular tales regarding Lash extensions. I can’t stress the importance of doing your research and reading reviews on a lash technician before your appointment. Like anything, If done wrong, its not good for anyone. Eyelash extensions done right would never harm the health of your natural lashes. The amazing thing about it is when done right, your lashes should hold up as they were pre-lashed or even better. We get new clients coming in with remarkably similar stories looking for help. Their beautiful natural lashes have decreased by over 30% or they have shorter and stubbier lashes after they were removed. A popular mistake we see all the time; poor quality work and one eyelash extension glued onto multiple strands of their eyelashes. Not only does this cause discomfort resulting in rubbing of the eyes and tugging away at them, but it also causes them to fall out faster and in a group! This is a big no-no! Each extension should be attached meticulously and perfectly to each of your individual lash needs. When done right, you should feel at ease without discomfort and only staring at the reflection of your beautiful enhanced self!

A sign of a good skillful technician.
A sign of a well-qualified lash artist is someone who takes the time to see if you are a good candidate, takes sanitation seriously, works at a reputable establishment, and uses quality products.
We, women, are busy as it is! We are always looking for new ways to cut our morning routines in half. No wonder eyelash extensions are the new obsession for all our on the go gals. If you want to wake up and cut your morning routine in half, eyelash extensions are the way to go. I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up every morning looking like a beautiful bright-eyed goddess without the work?

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