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Qualifications a Vancouver Travel Agency Should Have

By Stenner Travel Inc.

Qualifications a Vancouver Travel Agency Should Have

Required Skills and Qualifications

Practical interpersonal and excellent communication skills

The ability to communicate effectively and warmly with clients is one of the essential qualifications you should look for in a Vancouver travel agency. The communicating channels, be it verbal, written, or technological - must be managed carefully and in a friendly manner.

Effective administrative skills

The Vancouver travel agency must be able to handle basic word processing software, along with spreadsheets and booking retail software. The computer skills must be adequate so that there would be no technical mishaps. The budgets and expenses must be kept clearly ordered and updated.

Great organizational skills

Travel agents make travel plans. Therefore they must know how to fit all the activities to a detailed time schedule. The travel agency Vancouver must know how to handle the tasks, and try to make all the chores fall in place in the given plans.

Remarkable problem-solving skills

Travelling is an industry where many questions will occur daily. A reliable Vancouver travel agency must have a subtle talent for solving problems before they get intense. The travel agent is who makes sure that the assigned duties are done accurately by each personnel. He/she must also be able to handle the pressurized working hours and tight schedules.

Leadership qualities

A travel agent is someone who guides his/her clients through the crisis. Throughout the tour, Vancouver travel agency must maintain their composure and not let anything go out of hand. In the process, the travel agency Vancouver should be equipped with qualities like integrity, honesty, presence of mind, resourcefulness, agility and cheerfulness.


A Vancouver travel agency must appeal to the clients as pleasant and friendly at all times. The outlook must be sophisticated, clean and filled with good vibes. We all know that we do not want a dirty, ragged, grumpy travel agent to accompany us on our next holiday expedition. The travel agent has the power to either illuminate or to completely destroy the experience of travel. Make sure you pick a travel agent that does NOT do the latter.

  • Conclusion

Picking the right Vancouver travel agent can cost you some time of thinking and rethinking. Your travel agent must have the licensed approval of the government to take you on a trip and assist you with the paperwork. There are many rules, regulations and policies entitled to ticketing, reservations and customs that you might not know of. A Vancouver travel agency must be fully committed to breaking them down one by one for you so that you have a clear understanding of the standards of travelling before you go.

You can never trust a naive travel agent who knows nothing more than what you already know about the place you are travelling to. There are travel agencies Vancouver, especially out here in Vancouver, who rely solely on Google maps to guide their clients to a foreign land. For the record, you hire a Vancouver travel agency in the first place, hoping that he/she would know a lot about the country you are travelling to, its roads, its transportation methods, its people, language, traditions and destinations. Hiring a travel agency Vancouver who knows nothing but what Google tells them is just a foolish move.

To avoid making this irreparable mistake, always dig into your travel agent’s educational qualifications and past experiences in the industry of travel and leisure. A travel agent with a degree in either travel, hospitality, business or tourism is just ideal to be hired. Some travel agents out here in Vancouver are armed with the highest educational qualifications but still fail to provide satisfactory practical services. The only way to find out whether the travel agent you chose is both educationally and practically qualified; is that you talk.

Find out what the past clients have said about your travel agent and ask him/her personally about past experiences. We advise you always to take your time before you rush into hiring a Vancouver travel agency because what you are messing with here is the quality of your next tour.

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