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Impact of the Ban of Export on Manufacturers of PPE Kits

By Surgeine Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

Impact of the Ban of Export on Manufacturers of PPE Kits

05/04/2021 Why was the ban on PPE kits introduced?

With an unprecedent increase in the need of PPE kits across the globe, the domestic production of the same has been naturally affected. Since the countries are not able to meet even the domestic requirement of the same, the production of surplus is clearly out of sight. Considering this, the Central Government had taken the decision of imposing ban on he exports of PPE Kits. It is important to be noted here that the export of PPE account for more than 35 million of business. Needless to say, it does have a negative impact on people who are the manufacturers and distributers. Apart from the financial setback that might accrue owing to this ban, it has also been considered ethically questionable to ban the exports of PPE especially in the times there is a world-wide need of the same. However, if the domestic needs are not being met, it is difficult to permit the companies to freely export the medical products. Therefore, once the manufacturing of PPE Coveralls had reached 1.5 crore units per month, the exports to other countries had been allowed. Moreover, over 38 lakhs liter of alcohol-based sanitizers were produced by June-July 2020, thus enabling the State Government to remove restrictions from the export of sanitizers. However, the ban on the ventilators continued for a long time as the demand has always been much higher than the production at local levels. At this juncture, it would be informative to look at the various ingredients that come in a regular PPT kit. It would also throw light on why, after all, its increased production has been needed manifold post the upsurge of Coronavirus.

What does PPE Kit contain?

PPE kit contains the following:

1. PPE Coverall- As the name inevitably suggests, it covers the entire bodies of HCW as well as patients. Surgeine prepares disposable surgical coveralls that are immune to fluid transmission.

2. PPE Face Shields- Since these face shields are made up of plastic, they allow easy visibility to the wearer. They are one of the most important parts of a PPE as it fully covers the mouth and nose, the organs through which coronavirus has the highest chances of getting transmitted.

3. Goggles- They are meant to protect the mucus membrane of the eyes from virus droplets and they quite effectively do so. Surgeine recommends washing these goggles timely with alcohol-based sanitizer.

4. Headcovers- They cover the entire head and hence obstruct the path of all the bacterial infection that could get transmitted through head. Surgeine produces disposable headcovers that are well fit and quite easy to be worn and disposed-off.

5. Masks- Masks are indubitably one of the most important PPE kits’ items. It has to be worn by practically everyone who is in the premises of a medical set up.

6. PPE Footwears- These are disposable footwears and hence limit the spread of infections outside the medical premises.

Considering how important PPE kits are, Mr. Piyush Goyal, the Union of Commerce has clarified that the exports had been banned only to ensure sufficient domestic requirements. He has also ascertained that after evaluating the surplus production, certain relaxations could be given. By the end of August 2020, most of the bans were removed and Surgeine Healthcare has been able to successfully cater to the requirement of PPE, not only at domestic, but also at international levels.

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