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SHAC Environmental Products Inc.

PO Box 73, Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 7E5, Canada

Phone: 1-888-533-4446

Fax: 403-529-9334

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About SHAC Environmental Products Inc.

The vision of SHAC Environmental Products Inc. is to effectively assist in recovery and maintenance of sustainable ecosystems. SHAC has developed effective products to restore balance to the natural biodigestion of organic materials including sanitary sewage, organic material in water, and compost material. SHAC products are designed to stimulate resident microbes in a system. Once activated, microbes use organic material as a food source and reduce it to basic elements and compounds.


The secret of a sustainable ecosystem is balance. Undisturbed, natural environments are in a relative balance and have all of the essential components to be self-sustaining. A balanced environment uses and reuses every part of itself in a continuous cycle of growth expiration, and renewal.

In nature there is no waste. In an ecosystem, biodigestion of organic matter occurs naturally, returning nutrients to basic forms, which are used again in the growth and reproduction of plants and animals.

Nature has provided the necessary microbes to biodigest all organic material.
However, various human activities, including agricultural and industrial practices, release substances and compounds which can have inhibitory effects on microbial life. When microbial communities are inhibited, recycling of organic matter can become inefficient and incomplete, and can perpetuate serious environmental problems.

The following symptoms indicate a natural biodigestion system is out of balance:

  • odors become strong and offensive
  • potentially harmful gases are released (e.g. H2S, NH4)
  • organic solids build up
  • valuable nutrients are destroyed or altered
  • soils deteriorate
  • black sludge forms on bottom of water ponds
  • algae becomes visible in water
  • water becomes stale and stagnant

At SHAC Environmental Products Inc. we focus on working with nature.

Through our products we have accomplished this by using the many properties inherent in oxidized lignite coal to assist in microbial bio-digestion and stabilization of conditions which are out of balance.

SHAC products are manufactured with a unique and proprietary process. The products are composed of liquefied, oxidized lignite and contain ingredients that stimulate resident microbial communities present in water, wastewater, and waste collection systems and act to adsorb various contaminants and excess nutrients. This provides optimal conditions for the enhanced decomposition of organic material, and results in the significant reduction of organic accumulations/sludge.
The products contain mildly-activated carbon which attracts and binds (adsorbs) certain chemicals, compounds and toxins that may inhibit microbial activity. The products contain humic acids, a class of high molecular weight organic acids, which are known bio-stimulants. Humic acids also act in somewhat the same manner as activated carbon to adsorb compounds and can also act to chelate excess nutrients.

SHAC Products work in three ways:

Adsorption - The adsorption of contaminants and excess nutrients by the activated carbon and humic acids contained in the product, causes these compounds to become less bio-available in the system/environment.

Stimulation - Natural bio-stimulants present in the product act to stimulate resident microbial communities. In addition, reduced bioavailability of contaminants results in increased microbial activity.

Natural Attenuation - This involves stimulating the organisms in a given environment to remediate that environment. Increases in microbial populations and diversity result in greater organic bio-digestion and odour control (via more complete decomposition into less offensive/odorous end products).

OPTIMAL RESULTS Requirements for optimal results with SHAC Products: Any of the following may negatively effect microorganisms and cause the biodigestion system to slow or shutdown:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Excessive volume of organic matter (creates anaerobically dominant systems)
  • Excessive use of chemicals (detergents, chlorine, bleach, etc.)
  • build-up of salts
  • loss of aerobic portion of the biodigestion process
  • pH out of balance
  • moisture levels below 30%

Expectations when using SHAC Products:

Time factor - SHAC Products are not a quick fix to environmental problems. Nature doesn't work that way, and neither does SHAC Products. Retention is required to stimulate dormant microbe families, allow them to multiply, and then reach an optimum balance. Problems that have developed over many years often require continual maintenance treatments.

Inorganic Matter - SHAC Products will not enhance the breakdown of inorganic materials such as minerals, sand, plastics etc. However, sand, grit and other inorganic material tends to become more manageable if the organic material binding them together is removed.

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